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Choose The Right Credit Card Processor For Your Company.

Choosing a credit card processor can be a tricky process and at times can be tedious. Customers would rather pay with a credit or debit card; therefore, your business needs to have a processor to accept these forms of payment. Did you know that while a card payment is...

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You Deserve Better Rates!

Have you been told you cannot get a loan for your business due to credit, overdraft fees, or some other reason? Are you looking for a business loan to bridge the gap between accounts payable and accounts receivables, or to remodel your facility? What if we told you...

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What is a term loan and how do you qualify for one?

A term loan is defined as a loan one takes from a bank in a specific amount that has a specified repayment schedule and a fixed or variable interest rate. When applying for a term loan from a traditional bank there is A LOT of paperwork as well as the time that goes...

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How Business Loans Interact With Taxes

For any business, working capital is an essential metric representing the operating liquidity available to the business. Business loans are essential aspects of working capital as many businesses may be in need of credit facilities to keep the operations of the...

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The Section 179 Deduction

As another year comes to an end, an influx of demand for equipment financing and leasing has come upon us yet again. As a full-service business finance company, Priority Funding Solutions sees this trend year over year. Why is this? When a business makes capital...

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Priority Funding Solutions Soars Onto The Inc 5000

Have you ever wondered what the Inc 5000 is? Or maybe you have heard of the Inc 500, but not the Inc 5000? Curious what the difference between the two is? Why is Priority Funding Solutions being on the Inc 5000 a big deal? Through this post you will learn the answers...

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