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Why Priority Funding?

Relationship Banking For Business Is Dead … Or Is It?

When you started the company, you likely didn’t expect to need anything more than hard work and good customers to grow — until you began to grow too fast. Whether it was payroll that ramped up faster than cash flow, bulk buying deals to increase inventory that help you add margin, or that machine or additional truck that will allow you to reach more customers, we at Priority Funding Solutions understand.

Your first call to the local bank (or not so local bank) was easy, right? It may have went something like this:

“I have money coming in with a steadily growing operation, I need to open several accounts, and here is my initial deposit.”

It probably felt like the bank was excited to have you. Yet in the next year, you needed to add credit card processing and maybe, if you were lucky, a savings account. At that point, you felt like your finances were properly managed. It wasn’t until you had to apply for some capital that the banker all of a sudden didn’t feel so familiar.

That was the day your idea of having a relationship banker was no more. At Priority Funding Solutions, we’re well-versed in situations like these and can help your business succeed. Here, we call it relationship lending.

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Relationship Lending

Relationship lending in a world of competitive lending options and online borrowing, is a lost art. It’s our mission at Priority to bring it back! We don’t work with just one finance solution, we have dozens. Access to so many options allows our consultant team to cater our solution to your situation.

If you are considering Working Capital, Equipment financing or a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan, we work with you to ensure your file is as lender-friendly as possible. Once you apply, we negotiate on your behalf for approvals with both internal and external Underwriter teams representing near 3 dozen funding sources. We use our influence with these lenders to sell the positives on your behalf. If we come up short at any point along the way, in most cases we still have options. This is where you will see where the relationship equity on our part is earned.

Call for a free consultation, and ask us how we might make your organization more lender-friendly TODAY!

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Your Best Interest Is Our Top Priority

Once a client, your Priority Funding Solutions specialist will constantly evaluate your needs as our suite of lending solutions develops. Having one agency represent your position to many fund groups ensures your business options and minimizes the need for the credit-impairing hard pulls that the bureaus are telling you to avoid.

We’re committed to understanding your business. Our ability to choose graduated lending products that give easier access to capital as your credit improves sets us apart from the competition. Relationship banking at its best never did this.

Sara Thompson
Sara Thompson
14:44 04 Nov 18
I couldn't be more pleased with the service Steve and Team provided our organization. Too many times I have been told my decisions as a small business owner are too risky for anyone to consider us for a Bank Loan, so when my banker suggested I reach out to these guys I was guarded. With a single page application, and several bank statements, my funding consultant Steve was able to come up with a plan that not only had much needed cash deposited overnight, but he also had a plan laid out for us that would reduce our 'cost of money' over time. Who ever said Relationship Lending doesn't exist, haven't met Steve and the folks at Priority yet. In fact the first words out of his mouth were "Bad Credit doesn't mean bad business operation" and that was music to my more
Christine Kaine
Christine Kaine
15:40 25 Jul 18
Ryan was very helpful with my funding needs for my business. His professionalism was beyond what I expected. I knew I was working with a good more
Suzi Winson
Suzi Winson
19:07 07 Jun 18
Awesome straightforward experience with Priority Funding, excellent choice for the quick shifts of small business. Ryan Van Auken is terrific and goes the extra mile for you. I'm grateful for this more
Steven Sherrill
Steven Sherrill
05:01 08 Jun 18
When I started my business no one would give me capital. I spoke with Ryan and he was able to help and lead me to a program I could work with., when no other company would take the chance on me they did, a few months later I was able to borrow what I needed and within a few hours I had the cash flow needed to boost my more
francis espiritu
francis espiritu
17:37 11 Jun 18
Ryan Van Auken, help me in my Business funding needs not once but twice, fast turn around and very professional. Will recommend it to my more

Why Priority Funding Solutions?

Priority Funding Solutions is an industry leader in providing financial products and services for small and medium-sized businesses nationwide. We aim to be a complete financing solution for your next expansion effort, equipment purchase, business acquisition and any other project that may require financing. With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, Priority Funding Solutions has built a trustworthy reputation on which business owners can count. Our broad product offering, paired with a fast and transparent process, has helped land Priority Funding Solutions #810 on the Inc. 5000 list for 2017!

Our goal is to help your business prosper. With approvals within 12 to 24 hours and funding as soon as one to two business days, Priority Funding Solutions provides the boost your business needs! Our funding capability is from $5,000 to $5 million-plus, so whether your next project is large or small, we have you covered!

Our trained sales representatives are determined to help your business grow. They focus on customer needs through constant communication and quality service.

If you are ready to start the process now, call 888.223.7925. One of our team leaders will help you find the perfect Priority Funding Solutions loan advisor who specializes in your exact situation. Or, simply fill out the form below to request more information.

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